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About Us
There's a moment when you say to yourself, Oh there it is! I've been looking for a community like this forever. Stumbling into iden_cri...that might be a moment for you. About livejournal. This might be the perfect community for you, and finding it would just be more of a reason to waste heaps of time.
iden_cri is a community run by three cousins. It's a place for us to post our graphics and fics. Here you will find banners, wallpapers, icons, drabbles, and longer stories. We have a wide variety of interests including Glee, Harry Potter, and a large selection of bands and other musical artists.

Please don't steal any graphics or fics and claim as your own. It's not nice, and we'd appreciate credit for our own work. Watchers are extremely welcome!

2pm, 30 seconds to mars, 90210, adam lambert, afi, aiden, all time low, arcade fire, artemis fowl, arthur, artist vs poet, avatar: the last airbender, avril lavigne, back to the future, batman, being dramatic, biking, billy talent, bleach, boa, boy meets world, brothers and sisters, bruno mars, captain america, carrie underwood, charlieissocoollike, chris colfer, chronicles of narnia, chuck, clothes, cobra starship, complaining, criminal minds, daft punk, daniel radcliffe, darren criss, dbsk, death cab, down with webster, eminem, emma watson, eoin colfer, escape the fate, fall out boy, fanfiction, fight club, final fantasy, forrest gump, friends, fruits basket, glee, good charlotte, gossip girl, green day, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hawaii five-0, hellogoodbye, hiking, himym, house, hufflepuff, inception, iron man, italian job, jack's mannequin, jason mraz, jay-z, john green, jonas, joseph gordan levitt, justin bieber, kara, katy perry, keane, kill hannah, kris allen, lady antebellum, lady gaga, logan lerman, lord of the rings, malcolm in the middle, maroon 5, mayday parade, mean girls, merlin, misfits, my chemical romance, naruto, nerdfighters, nerimon, nikita, oasis, onerepublic, ouran highschool host club, panic! at the disco, paramore, pink, plain white t's, psych, reading, rupert grint, sailor moon, scrubs, she, sherlock holmes, simple plan, simpsons, skiing, sleeping, snsd, something corporate, son of dork, sonny with a chance, sophie kinsella, star trek, star trek xi, sterling knight, sum 41, super junior, supernatural, taking back sunday, taylor swift, the academy is..., the all-american rejects, the beatles, the big bang theory, the hunger games, the jonas brothers, the killers, the oc, the office, the rocket summer, the social network, the used, the vampire diaries, the young veins, tim burton, tom felton, train, usher, vampire academy, vlogbrothers, we the kings, white collar, writing, x-men